Jesus’ Not So Random Act of Kindness

You probably knew that Valentine’s Day was going to be this week, but did you know that this Friday is a special day too? On Friday, many will celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, or RAK Day. Some people have already dedicated their entire week to showing random kindness.

I work in a local elementary school, and the entire school is buzzing about what classes can do to show kindness to peers. Personally, I wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of this. Perhaps the students will show kindness to the “classroom” of the cafeteria where my cohorts and I take our post. Maybe the students will refrain from their normal mischief and kindly adhere to the cafeteria guidelines as a random act of kindness… but probably not.

It’s funny how our first reaction to a day of random kindness can be the hope of receiving something. I’m sure I’m not alone.

We work hard, right? We put others first. We try to do the right thing. We could use a little pick-me-up, perhaps a randomly gifted iced caramel swirl latte at the drive thru, don’t you think?

The act of showing kindness is at the forefront of God’s mind. The good news is that His generosity is not limited to one day or one week. It’s also not dependent on whether we “deserve” it or not. The harsh reality is that we deserve far worse than we’d like to admit.

Most Christians like to dwell on how Jesus came to pay for their mistakes and rescue them from their sin. Our hearts are drawn to being on the receiving end of God’s charity. Yet it’s important to know that Jesus’ trip to earth was for more than just us — it was primarily for God the Father. (John 6:38)

Did you know that Jesus existed before his arrival to Earth? Jesus deserved better than having to leave his cozy home in Heaven. He was perfect — the absolute best. Every chance he had, Jesus refused temptation and chose the right way. Instead of staying where he rightfully belonged, he generously came to Earth to point us to the Father.

Jesus’ arrival was more than just one day of kindness. In fact, it was more than just a lifetime of kindness. In coming to Earth, Jesus directed us to the source of kindness: God the Father. And in doing so, he showed us the perfect example of humble kindness.

When we follow Jesus’ lead, we don’t just practice generosity to create a better world. We show kindness to point our neighbors’ hearts to the Father. Jesus won us with kindness so that, with kindness, we could help win others to the Father. Jesus knew that a closer relationship with the Father was the best possible thing for us, so much so that he was willing to empty himself of everything he deserved to direct our hearts to him.

This RAK Day, resist the urge to simply build a better world. Instead, show better kindness by pointing others to the Father, whose entire being is kindness. And don’t be afraid to extend the holiday past Friday. Take the risk to rescue others. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the boldness to spread kindness year-round, no matter how awkward or nervous it makes you feel. The great kindness of the Father is worth sharing more than just one day each year.

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Authored by NCC Assistant Pastor Christian Glisson |

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