The Dawn or Death of a Monster?

For some, this Friday, January 20th is a long-awaited and exciting day. For others, it is the climax of their fears and the end of an era. Friday is Inauguration Day for the next President of the United States of America.

This occasion brings a swell of emotion, for everyone really. Most find themselves on one side of it or the other. Even the normally apathetic find it difficult to avoid forming an opinion about a rising leader who has captured so much attention. Some will see Friday as the dawn of an emerging monster, one that may usher our nation into more war and turmoil. For others, it’s viewed as a day for rejoicing the “death” of a monster that they believe stole much of their pride in what they might call “the greatest nation on earth.”

Whatever the implications of Friday, what if we stopped placing our hope in our nation’s leaders and started looking for hope in a new place?

This past week, the North Central Church student group talked about “Love Monsters.” We defined these monsters as anything we love, trust or fear more than God. Monsters are imaginary creatures that are frightening. “Love Monsters” scare us into following them, sometimes on purpose but often without intent.

Is it possible that we’re in a relationship with a “Love Monster” and we don’t even know it? Perhaps we’ve been loving, trusting and fearing the leadership role of our country more than we do the leader of the universe.

I think it boils down to this: what are we afraid of losing, missing out on or having to give up?

So much of our hope has been built on this life we are living on planet Earth. We want freedom, justice, liberty and the ability to chase happiness. These are all good things, but we go off track when we start looking for these things in any source other than our Creator and Rescuer, Jesus.

He is our ultimate hope. He gives us all liberty to make choices. He is completely just and will bring complete justice. He is the ultimate provider of freedom, ending the slavery we had in choosing our own way. And don’t forget, we only find lasting happiness in choosing Him.

1 John 4:18 says that perfect love pushes away all fear. When we attach ourselves to the one who loves us perfectly, our fears find relief.

“Love Monsters” have no ability to give us what we’re looking for or what our hearts crave. Instead of viewing this Friday as the death or dawn of a monster, pray for your leaders. Pray that they’ll be led by the only one who offers true freedom, justice, liberty and happiness. Pray for your own heart, too. And don’t forget, monsters only exist if they’re imagined. Jesus’ perfect love is not imaginary, it’s eternal and indestructible.

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Authored by NCC Assistant Pastor Christian Glisson |

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